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Coffee for Water Salutes Grounds for Health

Coffee growing countries face a number of health-related obstacles that prevent them from developing. Jahan Tavangar recognized that access to clean water is one such obstacle and created Coffee for Water in order to help the communities living in these countries confront it. But there are many other organizations that are involved in coffee-growing communities which, like Coffee for Water, were created because someone recognized a problem and decided to help these communities overcome it. Grounds for Health is one such organization, and this week we had the opportunity to learn more about the important work they do in coffee-growing countries.

15 years ago during a trip to Mexico, its future founders learned that among the women living in the coffee growing communities they were visiting, a large number had cervical cancer and were not receiving the proper treatment for it. Knowing that cervical cancer is not only one of the most treatable cancers there is when detected early on, but also preventable, on that trip they decided to do something about it.

And so Grounds for Health was born, and since that day the people working there have helped coffee-growing communities located in Mexico, Tanzania, and Nicaragua screen more than 20,000 women for cervical cancer. This year will mark their 15th anniversary, and we hope our supporters and customers will join us in wishing them many more successful years to come.

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