Water Credits™ (liters of clean water) funded by Coffee for Water: 34,446,000

Coffee for Water™ is Launched


Dr. Jahan Tavangar, jtavangar@gmail.com
David Culver, Boyd Tamney Cross; dculver@btcmarketing.com

Philadelphia-Area Entrepreneur Launches Coffee for Water™, a Humanitarian Enterprise Focused on Protecting Children in Coffee Growing Regions of the world from Waterborne Diseases
Profits from the sale of locally grown coffee will fund life-saving water purification projects in Haiti and other countries. Company was founded by Dr. Jahan Tavangar.

MALVERN, Pa. – March 22, 2011 – Jahan Tavangar, a Philadelphia-area entrepreneur and co-founder of TotalFacility in Malvern, today launched Coffee for Water™, a humanitarian enterprise focused on protecting children in the coffee growing regions of the world from waterborne diseases through funding provided by the sale and/or certification of locally grown coffee. The launch coincides with the 19th annual observance of International World Water Day, an initiative designed to focus attention on the importance of fresh water and to advocate for the sustainable management of fresh water resources.

Coffee for Water™ will purchase and/or certify coffee grown in countries with at-risk child populations. The certified coffee can then be sold with the Coffee for Water™ imprimatur or sold on the Coffee for Water™ website (www.coffeeforwater.com). Profits of coffee sales will fund the purchase and installation of water-purification systems in the coffee-growing country.

The purification technology is provided by One World Environment, LLC, a provider of innovative and affordable water solutions to the developing world. The systems can be powered by solar panels or 12-volt batteries, which makes them ideal for places without reliable electricity. The systems utilize only 80 watts of electricity and require no chemicals.

Coffee for Water will initially focus its efforts on Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Since a January 2010 earthquake, up to 4,000 people have died of cholera in the country. One out of three Haitians lacks access to safe drinking water. But even in its devastated state, Haiti remains the home of many small farms producing high-quality coffee beans.

“Coffee for Water™ is a self-sustaining social enterprise. By partnering with coffee bean-growing countries and promoting the sale of their coffees, we can help those countries use their own natural resources and industry to produce something they do not have in abundance: clean drinking water,” said Dr. Tavangar. “While we are first focusing on Haiti because of last year’s earthquake disaster, we will expand our coffee offerings to other regions of the world as our company continues to grow.”

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